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Our journey begins

Diagnosis Corporation has been created to fill an “empty space” in the European Ultrasound Market.

Diagnosis Corporation was founded in the heart of the Balkans and more specifically in Thessaloniki in October 2023. Its founders, Christos Kamaris, Manolis Batsaras and Konstantinos Batsaras are introduced in the market of ultrasound in order to fill an “empty space”, this of refurbishment used medical ultrasounds. From the establishment of the company up until now, the following axes of activities have been defined.

Fields of activity


Resale of used medical diagnostic equipment


Refurbishment of used medical diagnostic equipment


Reparation and maintenance of medical diagnostic equipment


Resale of supplies and relevant items


Training seminars


Technical support on medical diagnostic equipment

Our Commitment

With its acclaimed executives, the advent of Diagnosis Corporation is bound to change the standards in the European market regarding medical diagnostic equipment.

Diagnosis Corporation’s main goal is to become an essential partner of every professional in the field of Ultrasound imaging either by selling used ultrasounds or by repairing them.

Diagnosis’ main aim is to provide customers with reliable solutions so as to increase and improve the services offered in Medical imaging. The company’s customer-driven mentality and the staff’s long-term engagement with the field of Medical imaging render it a powerful newcomer attempting to provide a much-needed solution in the Greek and European market.

Our pillars:


Fast and reliable service


Full expertise of the executives


High status of responsibility


Accurate information

While targeting to increase the quality of our services and trying to ensure that each and everyone’s demands are met, we are deeply interested in having a constant and direct communication with you, our customers. Your opinion is of vital importance to us. We are more than willing to receive any type of comments, ideas, criticism, problems or questions from you so that we can handle anything that may come up.

Co – Founders

Manolis Batsaras

Sales Manager | Import Export

Co-founder, Sales Manager and in charge of Import/Export of Diagnosis Corporation. Manolis Batsaras is a graduate of the School of Electronic Engineering in Thessaloniki and has majored in medical appliances / equipment. He has been working with ultrasound imaging systems since 2014 when he was part of a group of technicians responsible for the service of companies such as FujiFilm, Hitachi, Aloka, Mindray and Mortara in the Greek market.

Konstantinos Batsaras

Sales Manager | Application Specialist

Co-founder and Sales Manager for the Greek market in Diagnosis Corporation. Kostas Batsaras is also a graduate of the School of Electronic Engineering in Thessaloniki with a specialty  in medical appliances/equipment He has been working with ultrasound imaging systems since 2019 as he was  a member  in the Sales Department with great experience in the Application of companies such as GE, FujiFilm, Hitachi, Aloka, Mindray, Sonoscape. 

Chris Kamaris

General Manager | CFO

Co-founder and General Manager of Diagnosis Corporation. Christos Kamaris started his career in Information Technology in 1994 as an Information Systems and Automation technician in the IT company, Techneco Hellas. From 2019 to date, he has specialized in Ultrasound Imaging.