BK Flex Focus 400 – Refurbished Ultrasound

Providing excellent mobility and efficient workflow, the Flex Focus 400 is an ideal solution for private practice and office urology. With a high resolution, 19″ monitor, the Flex Focus 400 offers premium performance with efficiency and speed, and sensitive color Doppler with superb spatial resolution and sensitivity.


Flex Focus 400 – Refurbished Ultrasound

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Product Files

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Declaration of Conformity

Compatible Probes

Compatible Probes

8823 Micro-Convex
8830 Convex
8802 Convex
8820e Convex

2050 3D Anorectal
2052 3D Anorectal
8667 Endfire Endocavity
8808e Biplane Prostate
8808 Biplane Prostate
8818 Triplane Prostate
8819 Endovaginal
8838 3D Endocavity
8848 Biplane Endocavity

8670 Linear
8811 Linear
8022 Vascular
8870 High Frequency Linear

Phased Array
8837 Small Footprint Cardiac

8862 Craniotomy
8809 Hockey Stick