GE VIVID S60N – Refurbished Ultrasound

The Vivid™ S60N is a portable, robust 2D cardiovascular ultrasound system designed to help you reach new heights of care efficiency and effectiveness.


GE VIVID S60N – Refurbished Ultrasound

Crisp imaging. Deep views.
Experience the exceptional 2D image quality to support assessments and diagnoses in the echo lab, powered by cSound’s advanced software image reconstruction and graphics. View detailed images of the heart by true confocal imaging, without the limitation of focal zones or sacrifice of frame rate and spatial resolution. Navigate smooth, continuous and detailed images with ease via new enhancements in color.


Define treatments
Quantification with Vivid S60N is all about helping providers evaluate and address cardiovascular issues and to help them define treatments. Count on a full suite of easy-to-use, intuitive tools to support your work.


Streamline your exams

Vivid S60N with cSound 3.0 performance empowers your team with a variety of efficient tools. You’ll find it easy to achieve consistent information across a wide variety of patients. Tools like the ability to quantify wall motion abnormalities can help you diagnose. You’ll also appreciate the easy-to-use tablet-like experience of the Image Manager.


Vivid S70N is built and configured for reliability and security.

LDAP – Help ensure patient data safety with Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which allows your IT team to maintain greater control of who’s in the system, reducing the risk of breaches.

Configurable system password – There are fully configurable user log-on passwords and internal passwords that can meet your IT department’s requirements regarding security strength.

Disk encryption of the drive, which contains patient archive and images, helps ensure safety and privacy of the data, even in case of theft.

Windows 10 Operating System with application whitelisting to prevent unauthorized programs from running and potentially harming the scanner


Pediatric DICOM® SR support – Pediatric measurements sent by SR automatically populate the pediatric report on the receiving side for fast, accurate review elsewhere.

Enhanced support for cardiac and vascular DICOM SR, including user defined measurements.

Enhanced DICOM review – Accelerate reviewing and reporting by using contrast, brightness and zoom/pan controls to optimize DICOM images.

Tricefy Uplink – Expedite uploading of images and patient data to Tricefy Cloud – a long-term archive that enables image
sharing with colleagues or patients

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Weight 75 kg
Dimensions 54 × 76 × 138 cm


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